WordPress themes

Oz-DevWorX will be releasing a new WordPress theme later this month. It will be available in a free and premium version. Its feature rich with multiple colour schemes and custom colour options, customizable layout, fixed and fluid widths, fully responsive so it looks good on any device and many other features. Its also compatible with WordPress 3.4 (and newer) and has been tested extensively with the upcoming 3.6 series.

You can see a demo of the premium theme and a video walk-through of the admin area should be available here very soon. The premium theme will be made available for purchase within the next few days; details will be posted here. The FREE theme will be available in the very near future once it has passed the WordPress validation teams tests and checks. You can find out more information on our themes page.

New Oz-DevWorX site is online

The website uses a custom reactive theme designed for displaying on a range of devices from phones to widescreen monitors. The reason I made this choice for design is the rising popularity of mobile devices that are being used to access the web. These devices are generally a small percentage of the total traffic but have been steadily increasing as they become more popular. I particularly notice the amount of mobile icon requests I see in logs these days.

Its always a difficult prospect, when you build websites professionally, what do you do for your own site. Should it have endless bells and whistles that are merely overhead for the user to download or should the site be geared towards simplicity and ease of use. I opted for the second option when building the overall theme and added in some subtle yet skillful uses of modern web technologies for good measure. The overall site design is aimed at being straight to the point; clear, accessible, reactive and concise.

osFAQ updates

osFAQ was recently updated to version 1.2-ST (2013-03-31). You can find out more about it on the osFAQ website. Plans are in the pipeline for more integration packs to allow osFAQ to plugin to more sites. WordPress will be the first.