Open Source Projects

osFAQ is a popular plugin FAQ management system.
A lot of the development for osFAQ has been guided by the community of users, so its very purpose built. Currently its translated in English, German and Spanish.

JDBWC is a JDBC network Driver for Java applications.
This project is geared towards programmers using Java (not javascript).
JDBWC comes with its own ANT build script so can rapidly be rebuilt from source after making changes.


What is open source software and whats it all about?

In most cases Open Source software means the source code is made available to the user to change as they wish. Freedom of Use is also a reasonably accurate description.
Most or our commercial work is with open source software. That doesn’t mean free as in free beer, but freedom of use (within the restrictions of the licensing). Most open source licenses are not restrictive so much as permissive.

That said I also work on some free open source projects. Free as in “free beer”.
There’s no catches, no advertisements and the source code is completely open source. I maintain the software as often as I can manage, given that its done in my own free time.