Website Themes

Oz-DevWorX is now offering off the shelf WordPress themes that will be available in free and professional versions starting with our flagship theme called subtlety. Prior to this release we only produced exclusive themes. Please feel free to contact me if you require an exclusive theme and I will be happy to discuss your requirements. I can be contacted via this website.

A demo of our fist non-exclusive premium theme is now online. It is running the standard WordPress test data pack so the content is largely just filler text to display the themes abilities with a simulated busy WordPress site. Access is limited to viewing the public area. I should have a video walk-through available in the very near future.

Some of the features of the premium theme include over 30 colour schemes, fluid and fixed width layouts, movable side column, sliders in the header and in the content of any page or post. Sliders have a range of options including content types (pages or posts), variable word limit and slider pages, sort orders and more. The main menu has options for displaying as a solid menu or tabs (in varying colours based on the selected colour scheme). Fonts can be independently customized using standard fonts and/or google fonts. The title can use a custom logo with or without the text title and a host of other options to make the theme highly customizable with just a few clicks of your mouse. All customizations are performed from the customize page which provides a realtime preview. Theres also over 30 high quality, default photographic images for the theme header and multiple custom colour options for the theme (on top of the built in colour schemes).

If you would like to contact the photographer (Graham) for premium stock photography or specific requests, please direct inquiries to myself (Tim) and I will be happy to put you in contact with him. His work is quite inspiring as you will gather from the brief samples of his work in our flagship WordPress theme.

There is also a FREE version of the theme which lacks some of the more advanced features but is still feature packed and easy to customise.